Tents & Cabanas

Oasis provides sleeping accommodations in cabanas and colorful Bedouin tents. Cabanas have single, double and family size occupancy and they are equipped with comfortable beds. For large groups we suggest sleeping in the Bedouin tents, which are equipped with mattresses. Whether you sleep cabana or the tent, they both provide warm bedding with blankets and pillows.

Bath & Showers

The Oasis has modern accommodation, toilets, showers and a Turkish bath, all nicely tiled, and illuminated with solar panels. Our intention is to combine the comforts with some of the Bedouin culture, where the customer is a king. The Turkish bath is a combination of shower and sauna and is very healthy for different ailments. The experience of the Turkish bath in the desert is something wonderful and extraordinary.


The oasis has a large dinning room with tables and seating couches that can fit large groups, but for more of the authentic Saharawi experience we suggest a dinner in a Bedouin tent. Such a dinner is actually a fiesta that lasts for hours, usually accompanied by the traditional Saharawi music and dance and it’s an unforgettable experience.

Saharaui Cuisine

Couscous & Kababs

Kabab + salad
1 person
Couscous + camel meat + vegetables + fruits + drinks 8 persons
Camel meat kabab + salad 8 persons
Tea, milk, juice, dates & water 8 persons

Roasted Meat

Roasted Lamb + fruits + drinks 8 persons
Roasted Goat + fruits + drinks 8 persons
Roasted Chicken with rice + fruit + drinks 8 persons
Camel meat with eggs and plum 8 persons


Types of Tagines

Chicken Tagine 8 persons
Lamb Tagine 8 persons
Camel Tagine 8 persons