Welcome to the Oasis


The desert is calling you, come and taste the Sahara , where the desert and ocean embrace. Exotic adventure awaits you, loose yourself in the immensity of the desert, dance to the rhythm of Sahara, enter the enchanted world where time doesn’t exist. Spend a night in the desert tent under the open sky, surrounded by dunes and camels, or if you prefer in the cabana for two. Oasis Taste of Sahara is a unique place where you can enjoy the ocean and the desert in the same day.


You cannot miss the Saharawi fiesta experience, is an exotic and unforgettable event that lasts for many hours. The guests are seated on cushions around the tables and accompanied by musician playing drums and singing. The dinner begins with the traditional washing of hands, then soft drinks are served with a variety of nuts. The big plates of salads, fresh bread, beef, chicken, lamb, couscous are placed in the middle of the table for all to share. Dinner ends with a basket of fresh fruit and famous three cups of tea. After dinner the dancing begins and last into the night.

Camel Rides

Camels are the most valued animals in the Sahara , they are smart and loyal and very peaceful. Traveling by camel is a great experience. Taste of Sahara provides the camel rides from oasis to the sea (about 8 km) with stops in the middle of the stunning golden dunes. If you are feeling adventurous, you can ride a camel through the desert or to the beach. You can spend time at the beach, get some rest and drink traditional three glasses of tea and then return to oasis.


Taste of the Sahara is located precisely in one of the three best areas for kite surf and water sports, besides Brazil and Australia. The trade winds are favorable in this region we always have people coming, mostly European to enjoy the water sports here in our region . We offer our customers complete kite surf equipment: wet suits of all sizes, body harnesses and kites free, so we provide the convenience of traveling without bringing your equipment.


You will have the opportunity to lose yourself in the desert and discover its immensity. Ride between the golden dunes and let the wind carry you in the middle of the desert, where there is no speed limit and only camels are watching you. Walk into the open horizon in the midst of the sea of sand and witness the spectacular sunsets. It’s a magical place where the immensity of the desert and the vast blue ocean kiss and embrace daily.

k42 Sahara Marathon

In the year 2009 and 2010 Sabor del Sahara organized K42Sahara marathon. There were 135 runners from 5 countries: the Canary Islands, Spain, Western Sahara, Colombia, Venezuela and Italy. The paraaticipantes ran the 42 km and 21 km half marathon. The event was a great success and ended with the Saharawi style fiesta with a festive dinner in the desert tent along with music and dancing and of course the awards ceremony for the winners.

Youth Summer Camp

Oasis Taste of Sahara is also a place for inter-cultural experience for the youth. We have organized international summer camp for Spanish and Saharawi youth. For ten days the young people lived and played together in the Oasis learning from each other and sharing the cultures of their countries. It was a great success and a start of many newfriendships.

Turkish Bath

The Oasis has modern accommodation, toilets, showers and a Turkish bath, all nicely tiled, and illuminated with solar panels. Our intention is to combine the comforts with some of the Bedouin culture, where the customer is a king. The Turkish bath is a combination of shower and sauna and is very healthy for different ailments. The experience of the Turkish bath in the desert is something wonderful and extraordinary.


Saharawi women adorn their hands and feet with henna for weddings, holidays and special occasions. It’s an old tradition past on from one generation to another over the centuries. The henna artists paint beautiful and intricate designs, each one unique, that last for many days. If you would like to get a henna, the artist can adorn your hands and feet with designs specially made for you.